X-Squared: offering a more efficient and affordable method

X-Squared is a totally new way for digital assets to be done. It is just as much commercial as it is social. Our revolutionary approach provides a more highly-curated offering than any other exchanges on the market. Our exchanges are selective based on geography, industry, commodity, intellectual property, licensing, media, and more. This more specialized selection and presentation of digital assets is what makes X-Squared the leader in this space.

No longer do we have to suffer the over-generalized and largely repetitive exchanges of today that are nothing but the same assets/coins/tokens over and over again. We will finally have the marketplaces that satisfy our individual and collective needs based on what it is we are actually looking for, where we are looking for it, organized by the industry leaders that know best. This is the best step forward for the industry; allowing for niche communities to serve themselves and provide for their own needs with the specialized assets that they desire

1. How can I get started with X-Squared if I want to create my own exchange?
It’s simple. Just sign up through our contact form [Dern, Please link in the word ‘form’] and one of our representatives will get you started. We will help to implement the design, web domain and digital assets that you would like to trade with the world. Your unique offering can be ready in as little as two weeks.
2. How does the Shared Liquidity Pool (SLP) work?

X-Squared was designed in such a way that the trades initiated on any participating exchange will be order matched throughout the entire structure with our original trading algorithms. A trade initiated on Exchange “A” will be cross-referenced against all other open orders in the system, given that it cannot be settled on its native exchange. If there is a match, then the order from Exchange ‘A’ could be settled on Exchange ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, etc.

3. How does the Telegram trading bot work?
As an exchange owner, you can offer to any user that has Telegram your particular exchange and assets by providing them with the trading bot [essentially a type of chat log] that is connected to your particular exchange. They can then follow the simple commands therein to buy, sell, top-up, or withdraw all through the simplicity of our touch-screen navigation.
4. Are the Telegram bot and web application/exchange connected?
Yes, they are. Any trades initiated on the Telegram bot will also be able to match orders with exchanges that are purely web based and vice-versa.
5. How can I top-up my wallet?
You can use Visa/MasterCard, AliPay, and WeChat Pay, depending on the particulars of each exchange. Some exchanges offer top-ups and pay-outs in some methods but not others. Check with each particular asset exchange for details.

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