We have a diverse team from many backgrounds and industries including finance, fintech and blockchain technology. We are all working together to help make the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency as simple as possible as well as an equally diverse environment for all.

Edwin Rice

CEO & Founder

Edwin Rice is the CEO of X2 Global Ltd and has a tenured experience in both finance and Blockchain technology. He has previously managed and operated Vision Capital Group, a hedge fund dealing primarily with American and European equities, treasuries, and commodities. His specialties include research and client guidance on market matters.

His Blockchain experience extends back to 2013 when he discovered bitcoin and Blockchain while doing research for the fund in reference to the bank bail-ins in Cyprus. He has worked on and developed many projects in the space on behalf of clients from Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai, the Phillipines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. His experience and knowledge brings a strength and security to X2 Global that leaves the company poised to be successful far into the future.

Don Lakshman Jayamaha Jr.

Senior Blockchain Consultant & Co-Founder

Professor Don Lakshman Jayamaha Jr. is the co-founder of X2 Global. He is also the founder of Serendib – Treasures of Royalty. He studied colored stones at GIA and is a Consulting Director at Vision Capital Group. He began in the blockchain industry 4 years ago when he realized the blockchain could be utilized with gemstones to create a standardized colored stones market and price discovery mechanism for consumers. Since learning about blockchain and its’ applications, he has consulted for several companies to bring to market their own blockchain projects. Honorary Professor of Shanghai University MBA Center.

Vladimir Kovalevskiy

CTO & Co-Founder

Mr. Vladimir Kovalevskiy is a talented developer with many years of experience not only with programming but also with running and managing teams and companies. He was previously at the e-wallet solution company for the financial industry. He started the company from scratch along with partners from a Europe-based acquirer. He was responsible for product development, team building, financial operations, risk and regulatory relations, merchant on-boarding, head hunting and recruitment. He was involved in every part of online payment business: from acquiring PCI DSS Level 1 to building the risk management framework for an acquirer to pass the Visa/MasterCard audit.The company had 2 offices; one in Singapore and one in Shanghai. For quite a while, he has been very into computers and software development, and was keen to acquire any book about algorithms. For that reason he studied physics at his hometown state university and graduated with a master’s degree in the physics of semi-conductors. For nearly 10 years he was doing coding, developing high-load projects, transaction systems, and search engines.

During that period he developed his leadership skills and became the CTO of a local media web project with nearly 10 million monthly visitors. The team of 7 members worked hard and developed a whole new architecture their own ORM level up to template engine for rendering HTML. He was in charge of the entire project from UI/UX prototyping to backend API architecture. To strengthen his knowledge of algorithms, he joined a large publishing house in Moscow as the CTO, and at that time he was urged to develop search services (across accounting regulations, legal framework, HR governmental policies and more) for their customers. The team used Solar database as a core for the search engine wrapped with in-house developed lingo modules. He has been experimenting with private blockchains and has built internal currency prototypes for e-wallet solutions based on PoS algorithms. Other private projects for Vladimir include adaptive landing page generation based on Google trends (NodeJS, Angular 2.0) and automatic lead generation based on website parsing (Python).

Ryan Strasser

CMO & Co-Founder

Ryan Strasser from New York originally, and spent more than 5 years in Maryland working at a hospital as an Orthopedic Technician and Department Assistant Manager. In 2012, he moved to the Philippines, started learning Tagalog, and expanding contacts in business within the Philippines. In 2014 he moved to Shenzhen for the position as Head of Marketing for a bitcoin arbitrage company. He remained in Shenzhen until July 2017. While in China he was a marketing consulting for E-commerce companies using Amazon based inChina. He utilized his contacts in Asia to consult for various investment projects in many different countries. Most common projects are ‘Belt and Road’ related projects, infrastructure, and mining.

In addition to investment projects, he consults for the commodities trade for products such as gold, sugar and oil. In December 2015, he became much more familiar and active with Blockchain, crypto-currencies and had begun trading for himself. 2017 he started as a consultant for a FinTech company based in Singapore as a Project Manager. This position has given him experience consulting for companies and individuals that want to get into Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs, crypto-currency OTC, and has invested in various Blockchain related projects in China, the Philippines and Singapore. Consulting for the GemVault Ltd. Blockchain project starting during pre-ico until now. Now as CMO he will continue to use his experience and contacts for expansion and branding of X-Squared.

“Your Connection to the world”

X-Squared can be upgraded to be integrated with Banking and Crowdfunding Platforms/ICO/STO and any digital  asset.


Donald Ho

CFO & Co-Founder

Donald Ho immersed and worked in the Hong Kong financial industry for over twenty-six years, his initial expertise ranged from forex and bullion trading, to insurance and financial consultation, with his own Independent Financial Advisory company licensed from the Hong Kong SFC and PIBA
since 2001.

Since 2005, Donald has been involved in the corporate finance and venture capital area, in particular dealing with pre-IPO and off-shore banking issues. He has also been working at the forefront of China crossborder payment business for the past five years and also was an agent of UnionPay China. Donald is now focusing on the application of Blockchain technology, and is the co-founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Lab Ltd.

Prof. Davis Chau


Professor Davis Chau is a well-known business advisor in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He is the founder and standing director of the Institute of Innovative Model and Industry Development, a leading consulting establishment specializing in China’s regional and industrial development; of whose clientele is composed of a large array of municipal government agencies and commercial companies in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

His institute publishes dozens of study reports and research insights annually in major local industry development publications with a global perspective. He is a pioneer in IT technology and a business veteran. He was elected by public poll to serve in the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Ltd. and Hong Kong Internet Registration Company Ltd., witnessing the development of the mobile internet industry in Hong Kong and providing oversight services of government policy formulation and execution of “.com.hk” and “.hk”. He was the founder of Glory Future Company Ltd., a Hong Kong-based IT services company, which was successfully back-door listed in the Hong Kong GEM.

He is currently Senior Research Fellow of the Business Model Research Center under Tsinghua University, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the University of Hong Kong, and Honorary Guest professor of the Hong Kong Financial Services Institute. He is advisor to several provincial and municipal cities in the PRC, including Anhui, Guizhou and Shenzhen. He is an acclaimed speaker and lecturer in many leading universities, state-owned teaching institutes, administration academies, and wellknown commercial banks. He was working in IBM Corporation, Oracle Systems Corporation and Platinum Technology Ltd. in the mid 80’s and early 90‘s. He underwent undergraduate degree studies in Anthropology and MBA studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, coupled with finance intensive specialization in New York University.

David Shin


David Shin is an entrepreneur and banker who has been involved in several startups in Singapore and Hong Kong and an Outspoken advocate of FinTech in Asia. David is also a community Builder who has helped set up non-profit organisations in Hong Kong and Singapore to ensure the proper engagement with local/regional entities and officials as it relates to Digital Currencies, Blockchain and FinTech as a whole.

During the day, David works for TD Bank as their Asia Head of Global Equity Derivatives Sales. David is considered an early adopter of digital currencies which has led him to appear on regional and global media outlets like CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, NY Times, Swiss TV and the Economist.